Traditionally brewed
in wooden barrels,
naturally brewed Miso

Kokuhei Miso was founded in 1784 by Heizaemon Kokuya, a rice merchant, who started the brewing business of sake, miso, and soy sauce at the same time. Since then, over 200 years ago, it has become widely known as "Kokuhei's Aka Miso" and its true value has been enhanced. Its deep and rich nourishment can only be found in the cool and refreshing air and soil of Oku-Shinano. As a traditional "natural brewed miso" made in wooden barrels, it is widely known not only in our hometown, but also in other parts of Japan. About us

Delicious, healthy and safe

The "natural brewing" process, in which high-quality domestic ingredients are used and matured slowly for a long period of time, is said to add depth to the taste and is also said to be highly functional.

At Kokuhira Miso, we use the traditional method of preparing miso in wooden barrels, and keep to the "natural fermentation method" where it is slowly and naturally fermented for one to two years. We do not use any additives and follow the natural order of things. Nowadays it is difficult to get good quality local soybeans from Shinshu, but we are proud to say that our uncompromising commitment to quality soybeans is the reason why we still retain the traditional taste and flavor appropriate for Obuse.

About the quality of Miso

All rice is made of high-quality domestic rice. Soybeans are 100% domestic soybeans. Salt is either arashio or sun-dried salt. (No crushed rice or genetically modified soybeans are used).
Aged for about a year in natural brewing in wooden barrels and some FRP tanks
Does not use synthetic preservatives
Koji ratio
10 parts rice to 10 parts soybeans to 100 parts rice
5 parts rice to 10 parts soybeans to 50 parts rice
12 parts rice to 10 parts soybean to 12 parts rice

and innovative

穀屋 Obuse, the place where talented people once stopped by and spent time. Its aftermath can still be felt here and there in the city. Heizaemon V had close ties to literary figures and was a pupil of Sakuma Zozan and Hokusai's daughter Oiwaye. The atmosphere of the town where he lived, came and went, and where he must have spent his time is still the same today.
Calm and old-fashioned, yet tolerant and bold enough to accept "what's out there". The spirit of our predecessors has been quietly but surely passed down to them. I believe that this is the legacy that has been entrusted to us as we live today. Grateful for the blessings of nature and the skills passed down by our predecessors, Kokuhei Miso will continue to preserve its traditional taste, and move forward with the times.