Naturally Brewed Miso Made in Traditional Wooden Vats

Kokuhei Miso Brewery was founded in 1784 by rice merchant Heizaemon Kokuya as part of his sake, miso, and soy sauce brewing business. Over the 200 years and more since then, our red miso has become widely known and we have continued to improve our products, whose rich flavor is grounded in the cool, refreshing air and soil of northern Nagano. Our naturally brewed miso made in traditional wooden vats has a dedicated following not only locally but also in other parts of Japan.About us

Delicious, Healthy, and Safe 

Natural brewing that uses high-quality domestic ingredients aged slowly over a long time is said to lead to deeper flavor and additional functionality.

At Kokuhei Miso we use traditional methods, packing our miso in wooden vats and using an unhurried process of natural fermentation that takes a year or two. We use no additives and work strictly in accordance with the laws of nature. High-quality soybeans grown locally in Nagano are harder to come by these day, but we are confident that refusing to settle for anything less is what enables our miso to retain a traditional flavor suited to Obuse.

The Quality of Our Miso Ingredients

We use only high-quality domestic rice, 100% domestic soybeans, and either coarse or sun-dried salt. (We use no broken rice and no genetically modified soybeans.)

 Aging Method

Naturally brewed for about a year in wooden vats or, in some cases, FRP tanks.


We use no artificial preservatives.

 Koji Ratio

A koji ratio of 10 means 10 parts rice to 10 parts soybeans.

A koji ratio of 5 means 5 parts rice to 10 parts soybeans.

A koji ratio of 12 means 12 parts rice to 10 parts soybeans.

Old-fashioned and Innovative


Obuse still retains the atmosphere of times gone by. Heizaemon  had close ties to literary figures and was a pupil of both Sakuma Zozan and Hokusai's daughter Oi. The open character of a town where such figures came and went and exchanged ideas remains unchanged today.

Composed and old-fashioned but also open and bold enough to take things in from the outside—this spirit of our forebears has been quietly but surely handed down through the years as the inheritance of those of us who live here today . Grateful for the blessings of nature and the skills passed down by our forebears, Kokuhei Miso Brewery will continue to preserve our traditional flavor even as we move forward through changing times.